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Rich Ackerman

The author of this blog, Rich Ackerman, tries to bring practical solutions to legal problems.  He has been in practice since 1994, taught philosophy at two Southern California public colleges, and taught at the Devry Institute of Technology.  He is the Chairman of the Riverside County Bar Association MCLE Committee, a Director-at-Large of the Riverside County Bar Association, and Immediate Past-President of the Mt. San Jacinto College Foundation.  He practices in the areas of trial work, civil appeals, and constitutional law.  He especially appreciates advocacy of the rights to due process and equal protection of the law.

In his practice, it is not his goal to create billable hours or to promote unnecessary conflict with others.  Litigation is a last resort.  Rich also believes in using technology to save clients money, to confound the opposition, and to reduce the impact on the environment which is otherwise created by a ‘paper office.’ As often as possible, he seeks to reduce the ‘paper footprint’ in his cases and seeks to use technology as a bridge to truth-seeking in the courtroom.  He has used Microsoft Word, Wordperfect, Quickbooks, Timeslips, Westlaw,, Lexis/Nexis, Fastcase, Powerpoint, Adobe Acrobat, Pages, and other relevant software solutions in his law practice and as a clerk for nearly 20 years.  As of late, he has employed his IPad, Ipod, Mac,,,, and a variety of related apps in trial work and everyday practice.

This blog is dedicated to assisting other lawyers in understanding how to use everyday technology to improve the practice of law.  It is also being employed as an opportunity to share in the excitement that technology brings to our lives.  Technology presents challenges with respect to privacy, misuse of information, and other problems. However, technology is equally provides a hugely positive impact on efficiency, communication, and data retention.

More information on Rich’s law practice can be found at or on  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about this blog or the information found here.  Thanks for visiting and we hope this information is of help to you and your office.

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