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iPad with on display keyboard

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This developing page is dedicated to helping attorneys in their use of technology during trial.

The focus here is on cross examination, documents review, and presentations for the courts.

The Ipad is a powerful tool for lawyers, and, perhaps more importantly, provides a ‘greener’ solution to our normal tree-killing activities in this profession.  I sincerely hope that this helps you and your practice.  Technology is a wonderful weapon in the lawyer’s arsenal.  Most fortunately, many lawyers are not in tune with the wave of technology which provides very practical advantages to the savvy lawyer who makes the best use of it.  Because of the Internet, new technology is coming out nearly everyday.

With over 200,000 apps available through Itunes alone, there are plenty of relevant offerings for the legal profession and existing apps are constantly being updated by developers.  Android and other mobile operating systems are improving by the day with similar and unique offerings.

Once accustomed to the use of this awesome technology, you will never practice law the same again.  The paperless office, portable technology, and cloud storage are the progressive tools available to the legal field and will soon leave many lawyers in the proverbial dust if they do not keep up with these developments.  Reduction of staff time, less paper, and more efficiency have always been the goal of legal professionals.  Now, many of these goals can be achieved in a much short time and more data than ever can be efficiently processed and applied to daily life in the office.

Please check back from time to time by subscribing to our blog and by visiting this page.  Since I maintain an active trial schedule, I will be providing regular updates and tech advice based on experiences in the courtroom (both good and bad).  If you would like to have a technology seminar/presentation for your office, bar association, or staff, please don’t hesitate to contact me at (951) 296-2442.

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